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September 9th, 2009

11:11 pm: just fyi i am insane
I don't think I can manage any others tonight because these took so damn long and ended up HUEG LIEK XBOX, so I am just saying now: I'll get to the rest of these tomorrow. (These really ended up more like fic than anything else; I swear to god that wasn't my intention, as I have already mentioned how much I dislike my writing most of the time).

For now:

Five pieces of fanon for Relena and Heero from GUNDAM WING, which is really about how much they can't fucking say three simple words and/or don't need to )

Five times John Silver didn't regret leaving Treasure Planet behind, all of which are deep and pure and not at all made of trashy pirate lovin' )

Five pieces of fanon about Kei and Kaneda from AKIRA, which should *really* just be 'Five times Kei and Kaneda had sex with each other' because that's what it turned into )

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