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April 29th, 2010

12:47 am: the part of this conversation above the cut functions as both warning and summary.
Uhm. I have no excuse for this.


[personal profile] torches: i want to use my "asuka langley shikinami is JUDGING ALL YOUR PORN" icon for this post but it's not actually indicative of the subject matter so i can't
[personal profile] torches: sob
[personal profile] torches: soon
[personal profile] torches: i will find a use for this icon soon
[personal profile] existence: XD
[personal profile] existence: ASUKA WOULD
[personal profile] existence: after all, porn needs a use, otherwise it's just filth.
[personal profile] torches: asuka is totally an intellislasher
[personal profile] existence: with some really filthy ships.
[personal profile] existence: which she totally justifies as GUILTY PLEASURES or something
[personal profile] existence: ...actually, did you see the holmes and watson as supernatural fanboys fic
[personal profile] existence: I. I think Asuka would be holmes.
in which tara commits evangelion chatfic )
[personal profile] existence: ahahahahaha
[personal profile] existence: i
[personal profile] torches: i don't even know where that came from, all right
[personal profile] existence: i don't know either, but i think you now have an excuse to to use that icon
[personal profile] existence: because I need to show this log to other pepole
[personal profile] existence: or. something. because. wow.

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